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Tailored to the needs of machine operators

Tracto is a pioneer in trenchless technology and sets industry standards with innovative and high-quality solutions for infrastructure tasks. The latest generation of GRUNDODRILL drilling machines reflects the core competence of the TRACTO-TECHNIK brand and enables intuitive and efficient machine operation thanks to an innovative operating concept.

New horizons in drilling technology


Controlled drilling is demanding and requires precise machine technology. Our intensive analysis of user requirements led to a unique development process in which every detail and every component was redesigned. The goal was clearly defined: Creating a seamless interaction with the drilling machine that exactly meets the user's requirements, both physically and digitally.

Seamless interaction: drilling made easy


The futuristic "Straight Dynamic" design stands for forward-looking mechanical engineering with a high degree of innovation, offering even better ergonomics and easier handling for the user. The combination of state-of-the-art control technology and intelligent software as well as a high degree of automation allows the user to fully concentrate on the essentials: drilling.

Optimized processes

Tracto_Interior Rendering

The cabin concept provides a perfect overview of the drilling rig and the entire surrounding construction site, even without having to swivel the cabin, as was previously the case during operation. Due to the even smaller space requirement, the processes on the construction site are optimized and the disturbance of residents, traffic routes, etc. around the drilling rig is further reduced.

Efficiency & versatility in drilling operations

The innovative GRUNDODRILL generation redefines the drilling sector and sets groundbreaking standards. Close cooperation between Tracto and Consulteer has resulted in a groundbreaking innovation that is specifically tailored to the needs of users. The combination of customized design, user-friendly interfaces and advanced automation increases operator efficiency.

Here are some of the key features at a glance:

  • Intuitive controls: precise drilling functions are easily controlled via a central touchscreen.

  • Ergonomic design: Supports ergonomic working conditions for fatigue-free operation.

  • Modularity: The modular approach allows individual adjustments, making the machine perfectly adaptable to different drilling scenarios.

  • Improved visibility of critical areas: An integrated camera concept provides an optimal view of critical areas, increasing safety and precision.

  • Comfort cabin: The comfort operator's cab with panoramic windows and cameras allows working in confined spaces without tilting the cab, which increases working comfort.

Our execution-driven approach, coupled with a seamless end-to-end process, ensures impactful solutions making a tangible difference.


Francois-Pierre Vivot

Founder & CSO

[email protected]

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