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QA & Software Testing

Consulteer goes far beyond just testing: We care

At Consulteer, our focus is on meticulous quality assurance and software testing. We identify and minimize real risks, whether your project follows agile or V-model methodologies.

Testing is a fundamental discipline in system and software development. Our comprehensive testing services include concept creation, planning, test management, test case development and the execution of manual and automated tests.

Test efficiency through automation


In an effort to shorten time-to-market, increase test repeatability and reduce testing effort, test automation is becoming increasingly important. We leverage the power of automation and innovative testing tools to create and execute comprehensive test suites.

From test automation frameworks like Cypress and Appium to performance testing with JMeter, we ensure maximum test coverage and efficiency. Our expertise spans multiple test types, including functional, regression, performance and accessibility testing.

Built-in-Quality as a guiding principle


Quality is Consulteer's number one priority. Our 'Built-In-Quality' approach is at the heart of our software testing philosophy, and it helps minimize delay costs due to callbacks, rework, and bug fixes.

Our focus on quality throughout the testing lifecycle ensures robust, reliable, and bug-free solutions. Adherence to best practices and industry standards ensures that your software meets the highest quality standards.

Our core competences

Quality management and software testing are key aspects for robust applications. Learn more about our expertise in this area.

QA Consulting & QA Teams
Test Automation
Performance Testing
Regression Testing

Continuous improvements through customized test strategies


By adopting modern testing technologies and practices, we empower your development teams to focus on innovation and product improvement.

Our test engineers collaborate closely with your team, offering valuable insights and test strategies to drive continuous improvement and deliver market-ready software. We emphasize the validation of software requirements, not just verification, and encourage joint User Acceptance Testing with business domain experts to maximize user satisfaction.

Testing Excellence: Your bridge to outstanding solutions

Our team of testing experts has deep knowledge in technologies, test automation tools and processes.

We are your trusted partner for developing and maintaining manual and automated testing approaches that meet your unique requirements. We are here to ensure that your testing efforts are efficient, effective and focused on delivering quality software solutions.

Consulteer isn't just about software development & testing - a true 'We Care' ensures excellence in every aspect of your software.


Đorđe Obradović

QA Team Lead

[email protected]

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