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The Evolution of Mobility

The automotive and mobility industry is facing upheaval worldwide, with the HMI (Human-machine interface) on the rise. New patterns in mobility behavior, new technologies and transportation solutions, e-mobility, and socioeconomic change are leading to a rethink of the entire experience.

Manufacturers in the automotive industry are making huge investments in connectivity, electromobility, HMI solutions, and autonomous driving. Technological innovations promise faster, safer, cheaper, and personalized movement. This encourages new business models to come up on a daily basis.

At the same time, users are placing ever higher demands on intuitive, effortless locomotion. This puts great pressure on software development and UX efforts.

Interfaces are disappearing - functions are being connected within the vehicle and across physical boundaries. The HMI is the key component of every customer experience.

We help you consider the entire supply chain, creating a seamless user experience: from safe and sustainable mobility to increasing travel comfort. Through creating top-notch technology solutions and consulting you at every step of the journey, Consulteer can help you:

  • Perfectly integrate your software and machines
  • Cover the entire supply chain, from supplier to customer
  • Bring your automotive software to the forefront of digital transformation and implement all the newest industry developments

Our agile team consisting of innovators, designers, developers, and business professionals, has the expertise to support you in every aspect of your work, from strategy and management to manufacturing.


Innovation & Technology for evolving Mobility Needs

At Consulteer, we help you tackle the challenges that come with the technological trend towards digital mobility, autonomous driving, infoclimate-friendly drives, connected cars, and big data.

Here's only a portion of what we offer:

  • Fully-covered product & design strategy for car makers, vehicle manufacturers, and other mobility companies
  • High-quality automotive software development services tailored to your HMI technology based on agile methods
  • Industrial and automotive HMI design according to your requirements
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Data Engineering, cloud-based technologies, and any other engineering development integrated into your in-vehicle experience
  • Digital product design & validation, including UX, industrial design, and 3D modeling
  • A complete, driver-focused product, with a perfect human-vehicle connection for all commercial vehicles
  • Our consultants - at your service, every step of the way

We re-think mobility for you, taking account of trends in today’s fast-changing mobility patterns and structures. Our approach focuses on people and the environment, and their needs in relation to technical solutions, sustainable drive technologies and digital mobility.

Use the mobility trend as an opportunity! We will develop your individual transport system, or help you discover new company models during the process.

Let's be part of the next-gen mobility services - together.

We rethink mobility and promote agility throughout the development cycle to achieve fast results. Consulteer helps you bring your mobility projects to life and shape the future.

Lukas Wittwer
Lukas Wittwer

CEO Germany & Austria


Human. Technology. Together.

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