Public Sector & Security


Pressure for Digital Transformation in the Public Sector

Companies from the defense, armaments, army police, and critical infrastructures sectors have been facing many challenges over the past years. These include outdated systems and lack of network infrastructure, many silo systems, lack of investments, complex communication between bodies (federal vs. cantonal; police vs. judiciary), poor functionality of interfaces, etc.

At the same time, they are under tremendous pressure to adapt. Processes and services in the business world are changing dramatically. The antiquated IT landscape can no longer handle ever-increasing data quantities and the complexity that comes with them.

We at the Consulteer Group help our public-sector clients to implement the digital transformation sustainably and effectively. Our experts provide support in all areas of action with consulting services, operational implementation, and also in the empowerment of personnel in the form of training.


Making Our Digital Future Secure

The importance of cyber & cyber defense is growing immensely with increasing digitalization, especially for the system-critical infrastructures of government-related organizations. At the same time, the sector faces major challenges such as staff shortage and lack of resources.

Consulteer’s support encompasses a large number of services, providing systematic solutions for safety-critical infrastructures. We cover the entire digital transformation journey with software engineering, consulting, execution, integration, and education.

Andri Steinmann

Business Area Lead


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