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Nurturing talent at Consulteer Porto

At Consulteer Portugal, we take great pride in our ongoing commitment to fostering innovation and nurturing young talent. As part of this dedication, we recently had the privilege of participating in the Summer OpPORTOnities Internship Project, an initiative organized by the Porto City Hall, which empowers young individuals aged 18 to 21.

During this past summer, we welcomed two exceptional technology interns, Lucas Borborema Nakajima, who joined us on July 3rd, and João Magalhães, who joining on August 1st. Together, they worked on an internal project focused on designing a tool for employee vacation bookings, showcasing their dedication and creativity.

At Consulteer, we firmly believe that the synergy of human potential and technology is instrumental in shaping a better tomorrow. As we reflect on this enriching experience with our interns, we remain steadfast in our commitment to nurturing growth, fostering innovation, and sustaining a collaborative environment for all our team members, both past and present.

How did Consulteer's internship program shape your development path?

Lucas: Consulteer's internship program has been a turning point in my software development journey. I aimed to refine my skills in both my front-end and back-end technologies and the structured program allowed me to do just that. In the first month, I immersed myself in .NET for back-end development, and in the second month, I transitioned to delve into Angular, focusing on building responsive and intuitive user interfaces. This dual exposure further fortified my understanding of how both ends of the spectrum interact and integrate, helping me view software development as a holistic process.

João: Consulteer's internship program has significantly impacted my professional journey. My primary goal was to expand my skill set by working with diverse technologies and experiencing a dynamic team environment. Before joining, I had limited exposure to technologies like C# and .NET, but I proactively pursued learning opportunities before and during my time here. This internship allowed me to put the theoretical knowledge I acquired in my faculty studies into practical application, bridging the gap between theory and real-world software development.

How did the mentorship at Consulteer support your growth as a software development trainee?

Lucas: Mentorship at Consulteer was invaluable. The senior developers were incredibly approachable and offered constructive critiques that significantly improved my coding practices. For example, when I faced challenges in implementing an API using .NET, my mentor guided me through the nuances, helping me grasp the architecture better. Team meetings were another platform where I learned to present my ideas clearly and concisely, and the real-time feedback I received significantly enhanced my confidence and communication skills.

João: Mentorship and collaboration at Consulteer were crucial for my growth as a software development intern. The HR team was dedicated to integrating me into the company culture and creating a welcoming atmosphere where I was able to learn and work. Throughout my journey, my mentor provided valuable guidance, deepening my understanding of the development process, and making me feel like an integral part of the team from day one. Meeting people and participating in team-building events and interacting with everyone provided invaluable insights and enhanced my soft skills, significantly influencing my professional growth.

How did the dynamic of cross-functional teamwork shape your perspective on the software development process?

Lucas: The dynamic of cross-functional teams at Consulteer provided a unique learning experience. When tasked with integrating front-end and back-end services, the team encountered several obstacles. These challenges required strong communication across different functions, including design, development, and business analysis. This multidisciplinary interaction enriched my understanding of software development as a collaborative effort and emphasized the importance of the role of each member within the larger ecosystem.

João: Working in a cross-functional team enhanced my problem-solving skills and provided fresh perspectives. During calls, I aimed for clearer communication despite my limited experience and language challenges in English. Our team consistently addressed issues efficiently, and I contributed effectively. I worked on a SCRUM project with sprint planning, daily meetings, and review sessions, boosting my accountability and encouraging progress sharing. Seeing my code's impact was immensely satisfying within Consulteer's environment, and I'm optimistic about my software development journey, possibly with this company.

How do you believe this internship will impact your future in software development?

Lucas: The internship has positioned me well for a future in software development by broadening my skill set. Hands-on experience in both front-end and back-end development will make me a strong candidate for full-stack development roles. Exposure to real-world challenges and solutions has strengthened my confidence, adaptability, and problem-solving skills—qualities that I believe are indispensable for any aspiring software developer.

João: This internship has prepared me well for my future in software development. Gaining hands-on experience in both front-end and back-end development has equipped me for full-stack roles and boosted my confidence and problem-solving skills. I've also learned valuable lessons in discipline, time management, and effective communication, which I look forward to sharing with future colleagues. To prospective interns, I encourage you to embrace responsibility, overcome shyness, and never hesitate to question your ideas. The team here is receptive to new perspectives, and I hope you have an experience as enriching as mine.

All for One & We Care are at the heart of our culture. Together as one team, we achieve extraordinary results.


Susana Coutinho

Head of HR, Consulteer Portugal

[email protected]

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