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The art of design

C Portrait: Matus Prochaczka

Matus Prochaczka has been an industrial designer at Consulteer Austria for over 17 years. His passion for design began with futuristic racing cars in his childhood. At Consulteer, he focuses on projects in mechanical and plant engineering, mastering all stages of product design. With a strong sense for visionary concept design and his skills in 3D modeling, Matus is one of the driving forces behind our design team. Let's explore his journey and passion for blending execution-driven industrial design with concept art.

What drives your passion for design?


Matus: There's something remarkable about being a designer – the privilege of creating something entirely new, whether it's a shape, interaction, function, invention, or approach. Design is art, a real art discipline. Despite the technical methods involved, I deeply feel its artistic essence throughout the process.

How important is creativity in your work?


Matus: Creativity is essential. Not a moment goes by when I'm not designing something new; it's in my nature. Sketches are never final. 3D modeling and three-dimensional space are the ultimate canvas for me. It allows ideas to grow and solutions to emerge, similar to clay modeling.

What's Consulteer's approach to design?


Matus: At Consulteer, we are proud to design with a deeper meaning, focusing on more than just a facelift, striving to create something that goes beyond mere aesthetics. Instead, we focus on solving problems holistically, improving the user experience and offering innovative solutions that ultimately save our customers money. And that's the deep fundamental mission of design.

Do you also have your own projects? What inspires you to do this?


Matus: Sometimes I jump on ideas from my waiting list - creative designs and conceptual ideas that have taken months to develop. Here I am not limited by constraints such as manufacturability or cost. I'm drawn to unusual designs with wild shapes that challenge the public to think differently. This is where concepts like my Formula 1 and bicycle concepts come from - vibrant and powerful visuals full of life.

What led to this mixture of art and design concepts?


Matus: It was always frustrating for me to see concepts that required so much work, time, and effort - whether it was 3D modeling or rendering - quickly forgotten, especially in today's world flooded with so much content. So I found a way to create real, physical paintings from these concepts and give them an artistic touch with spray and acrylic paints. It's something that lasts compared to mere digital content.

What sets Consulteer apart? It's clearly the human-centered approach, our strong focus on people in everything we do.


Kathrin Speidel

Head of HR

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