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Consulteer - Recap 2023

Together. Exclusively.


With January already behind us, we would like to pause for a moment and look back on 2023 - an inspiring year that was not only characterised by successes, strong partnerships and unforgettable events, but above all brought us even closer together as people and as an organisation.


Together, with over 300 dedicated Consulteers, we've evolved into a people-centered organization, creating solutions that enrich people in their work and daily lives.

At nine locations - from Switzerland to Austria, Germany, Serbia, Slovenia and Portugal - we drive innovation with empathy, creativity and experience, broadening our horizons while remaining true to our core values.

Let's shape the future. Together.

#WeAreConsulteer #Highlights2023

What sets Consulteer apart? It's clearly the human-centered approach, our strong focus on people in everything we do.


Kathrin Speidel

Head of HR

[email protected]

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