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Building blocks for the factory of the future

The Grenzebach Group is an internationally active family-owned company in the field of plant engineering and automation technology with three divisions: Glass, Building Materials and General Industry, which serve various industries. With over 1,500 employees worldwide, the company has installed around 3,000 systems in 55 countries to date.

Shaping the future of manufacturing

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For years, we have been supporting our customers with a holistic approach to highly flexible and intelligent process chains in the context of smart manufacturing. The new OL1200S is an omnidirectional driverless transport vehicle developed mainly for the automotive industry. It is the latest product that we implement according to the design language we've been developing for Grenzebach. This design language should be one thing above all: sustainable.

New human-robot interaction

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The challenge in design engineering lies in the integration of the surrounding LED light line, which enables the communication between the transport vehicle and users. Light signals visually indicate the mode of AGV: whether it is waiting, turning, or braking, and the direction it’s traveling to.

It’s technically challenging to integrate the Lightline over its full length without compromising the stability of the cover. But, we succeeded. After all, considering a payload of up to 1,200 KG, robustness and safety were our top priorities.

More autonomous, quicker & smarter


A key feature is its omnidirectional drive, which allows the AGV to move in any direction at any time. This is new as a movement pattern for equipment in industrial manufacturing and logistics.

The directional independence is also reflected in the design due to the symmetry—the front and rear are identical, which also allows the use of the same parts (design-to-cost). The goal of making the vehicle as compact and dynamic as possible in order to reduce the turning circle and improve the movement aspects has been perfectly implemented.

Our execution-driven approach, coupled with a seamless end-to-end process, ensures impactful solutions making a tangible difference.


Francois-Pierre Vivot

Founder & CSO

[email protected]

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