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Fette Compacting

Efficiency for pharmaceuticals & nutrition

In pharmaceutical and nutrition production, the demands for flexibility and efficiency are growing rapidly. Fette Compacting is a leading supplier in this field and offers integrated solutions for the entire production process: tablet presses, tableting tools, process equipment as well as comprehensive service, training and consulting.

Tablet production redefined

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Our challenge was to bring the physical world of tablet production in line with the digital world of the user interface. This involved increasing process reliability and efficiency, creating a modern design, and improving the user experience.

Particular attention was paid to eliminating the widespread misconception that production performance depends solely on machine size. Working closely with Fette Compacting, we developed innovative standards that took equal account of physical and digital aspects.

User-orientated human-machine interaction

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Thanks to an innovative production process, the FE 75 model has seamless, rounded contours and a slim appearance. Bright edges give the tablet press a visual lightness, while clean lines emphasize its robustness.

The FE Series has been carefully optimized for productivity, flexibility and accessibility, allowing users to produce more than 90 percent of standard tablet types without extensive customization. Accessibility is seamless, and the design allows for easy disassembly and cleaning. The use of FDA high-performance plastics in the machine housing minimizes vibration and noise.

Creating a lasting impact

Even 12 years after its market launch, the FE series is exerting a lasting influence on the medical industry. The use of lightweight components ensures even better handling, for example during assembly or the now significantly easier cleaning options. A new, consistent accessibility consistently takes into account the interaction between man and machine. Visual lighting components provide direct information on production and machine status.

The user interface reduces the complexity of the machines and processes through optimized interaction sequences. It promotes operating behavior appropriate to the situation, improves the user experience when operating and controlling machines.

At Consulteer, we combine the empathy to understand the needs of your users with a hands-on mentality & turn visions into market-ready solutions.

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Andreas Ebermann

Team Lead Design

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