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The Millenial-Tool

Concept study: A smart tool for the digital age

In a world dominated by smartphones, we face two challenges: First, reliable power for smartphones is critical, especially for outdoor and on-the-go activities. Second, handling smartphones for selfies, selfie videos and video calls often proves impractical. This has increased the demand for solutions that allow both smartphone charging and convenient, hands-free use.

Powered by human motion


The Millennial tool's solution is groundbreaking: It uses a person's physical movement to charge smartphones. By simply squeezing levers, mechanical energy is converted into electrical current, allowing 20% of the battery to be charged in just 10 minutes. This innovative and sustainable method offers a reliable solution to limited charging options.

Hands off, Tech on


The Millennial tool enables convenient hands-free smartphone use by doubling as a height-adjustable phone stand. This overcomes the inconvenience of handling smartphones for selfies, selfies videos and video calling, in addition to providing comfort and versatile functionality.

More than just a gadget

The Millennial tool revolutionizes the digital lifestyle by providing a holistic solution for smartphone charging and convenient, hands-free use. This innovation addresses the current challenges of digital society and strengthens sustainability, accessibility and efficiency.

Together, we set new standards and don't accept the ordinary - we create lasting impact through holistic and well-crafted products.

Christoph Albiez - Photo

Christoph Albiez

Senior Designer Industrial

[email protected]

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