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Racing Unleashed

Revolutionizing e-sports

In the dynamic world of e-sports, capturing customers' attention is paramount. Creating an engaging experience requires a sophisticated and adaptable software solution. Racing Unleashed, a pioneer in this space, wanted to deeply engage its community and leave a lasting impression.

Creating enthusiasm

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E-sports is a highly agile and innovative industry where customer engagement is crucial. Our versatile software solution delivers a convincing user experience.

Thanks to our successful UX team, Racing Unleashed members spend more time in the community. By adopting a design-centric approach, we are actively shaping the future. Creating a holistic picture of the product, we define basic features and influence the development process in collaboration with all stakeholders.

A new racing experience

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Our web-based solution provides a comprehensive dashboard, simplified member management, easy ride booking, and race and event insights. Racing Unleashed community members stay up-to-date on upcoming races and events and have instant access to their telemetry data.

Our Android and iOS apps include all web features, complemented by mobile-friendly features like sharing and push notifications. Booking rides is a breeze through the app. Members get insights into their best performance and real-time access to the latest leaderboard.

New horizons

Thanks to our customized solution, Racing Unleashed was able to fully implement its unique e-sports concept. The platform promoted the formation of a vibrant community of racing fans and enabled them to participate in competitions regardless of their location. Keeping track of current running times and rankings strengthened the competitive spirit of the members and encouraged exchanges between passionate racers and casual gamers.

At Consulteer, we combine the empathy to understand the needs of your users with a hands-on mentality & turn visions into market-ready solutions.

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Andreas Ebermann

Team Lead Design

[email protected]